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Enterprise Bargaining update – what is happening around the sectors

As you can see below, your IEU staff continue to negotiate a number of EA’s. There has been pressure on to complete before the end of the year. Thanks to the negotiating teams for their work engaging with members and representing them at negotiations.

Bethany Christian School

IEU Log of Claims looks to have all employees included in the Enterprise Agreement (EA); currently ELC, OHSC, Nurse and Grounds and Maintenance are excluded.

Our three year EA salary claim is 4%, 3.5% and 3.5% and claim to also increase access to paid parental leave: increase 6 weeks to to 10 weeks after 1 year; 14 weeks after 2 years and to 16 weeks after 3 years. Employer has offered 4% 3.5% and 3%. Accepted paid maternity claim. Accepted and included nurse only into agreement.  Focus will be on getting remaining groups in the next EA as they deserve the protection and increased conditions an EA gives. The next bargaining meeting has been rescheduled until February 2024.

Dara School

The Notice of employee representational rights (NERR) has been issued to employees signalling the intention to begin bargaining.

IEU members have met to discuss priorities for a new Enterprise Agreement and the IEU bargaining team has been organised.

We anticipate negotiations to commence in the 2024 school year.

Christian Community Ministries – Blake’s Crossing & Seaview Christian Colleges

The Christian Community Ministries Schools collective Enterprise Agreement covers staff in schools across Australia. As most of these schools are in Queensland, officers from the IEU Queensland/Northern Territory Branch are negotiating the agreement on behalf of members.

Members in South Australian work sites were provided the opportunity to contribute via a member survey, which formed the basis of the IEU Log of Claims.

The first meeting to commence bargaining was held on November 22 at which the IEU Log of Claims was tabled. All representatives tabled issues from their schools, which largely mirrored in issues in the IEU claim.

The employer committed to a 2% interim pay increase for 1 January 2024, as a gesture of good faith while the bargaining is ongoing.

The next negotiation meeting will be held 7 February 2024 where the employer is expected to respond to employee claims.

Kings Baptist Grammar School

Teacher workload remains a sticking point, further complicated by an admission from leadership that the Student Contact Time (SCT) of teachers across R- 12 does not sit at the 23.3 hours as previously stated. Identifying and nailing down SCT and other workload issues remains an ongoing issue.

St John’s Grammar School

Negotiated salary increase of 4% + 3% + 3% over 3 years. 16 weeks Paid Parental Leave and short blocks of Long Service Leave (LSL) to be made available to staff who request it and not refused on unreasonable grounds. Proposed amendments were put to members to get their feedback on the updated changes. Members believe that the recent offer is acceptable and the school will put the EA out to a vote before the end of the 2023 school year.

Mount Barker Waldorf School

First offer from the school is 4% + 3% + 3% over 3 years. 16 weeks Paid Parental Leave with Superannuation agreed to be paid on the paid component of the leave and short blocks of LSL to be made available to staff who request it and not refused on unreasonable grounds. A 3-band system for Temporary Relief Teachers (TRT) at the school starting at Step 3 for early career teachers and progressing. The details are yet to be negotiated. Negotiations to continue in 2024

Walford Anglican School for Girls

Successful vote after a protracted negotiation. Increase in salary to 3%, 3%, 3% from initial offer of 2%, 2%, 2%. Great capacity building with IEU Reps and members after two NO votes.

Scotch College

A number of meetings have occurred. Independent bargaining reps have been fixated on a salary increase now and they have agreed to the school proposal of a $1500 one off payment on top of a 4% salary increase for 2024. IEU negotiators have had a broader approach and we have in principle agreement to: an increase in Paid Parental Leave (from 14 weeks currently to 16; and 20 weeks if more than 5 years’ service); reduction in Paid Parental Leave recharge from 12 months to 6 months; payment for TRT at their incremental step; Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) to accrue at penalty rates; casual loading of 25%; and, General Staff to get access to pro-rata LSL. IEU negotiators have also been able to elicit an increase in the year 2 and 3 salary to 3.5%. What we have suggested to the employer to wrap this up is for them to drop their claim to personal leave accruing (rather than being given up front) and to include the number of required days of attendance for teachers.

Pinnacle College

Three negotiations have occurred. The big news is that the employer has agreed to include coverage of support staff. Our claim for an increase in Paid Parental Leave (from 14 to 16 weeks and super to be paid) has been countered by an offer of 15 weeks with super paid. They have agreed to redundancy payments of up to 24 weeks (the standard), currently they have only the National Employment Standards (NES) provisions. The employer paid an ex-gratia increase of 2% in February (after also bringing forward the previous increase). They had put on the table a 3.5% in 2024, 3% 2025 and 2.5% 2026. This was unacceptable to members and they have recently increased that offer to 4%, 3%, 3%. This would still put them slightly behind the government rate.

Westminster School

Enterprise Bargaining Agreement meetings continue.  The school intends to rush through a vote before end of term.  Some improvements, but the school is not prepared to include the award classifications for support staff.  Meeting with members to determine if the offer is acceptable, if not we will run a vote no campaign.

Trinity College

The second meeting will occurnext week to further discuss our claim.

Southern Montessori

Negotiation started 2 weeks ago.  Our claim has been responded to by the school.  Currently canvassing with members what are their priorities to pursue.  So far the inclusion of specific Student Contact Time (SCT) and Non-Instruction Time (NIT) times recorded in the agreement are key issues.

Lutheran Schools Enterprise Bargaining

The IEU team have continued to meet with Lutheran Education SA, NT and WA (LESNW) throughout the term with parties being able to reach agreement on a number of matters including

  • 3% interim salary increase- paid August 2023
  • Teacher Workload Agreements to include allowances for meal breaks when after school events result in an extended working day.
  • Gender inclusive Paid Parental leave (primary caregiver)
  • Non Primary Caregiver (partner) Parental leave 10 days paid leave accessible at the employees substantive rate of pay
  • Documentation of Family and domestic violence leave to ensure confidentiality
  • Employer to cover cost of COVID-19 immunisation
  • Review of clause relating to Co and Extracurricular activity within the life of the agreement

Matters still in negotiation are IEU claims related to:

  • Salary increases
  • Workload including –
  • Student contact time for teachers

An allocation of one hour per week within the 200 hours of co-curricular specifically for ‘required administrative tasks’

We acknowledge the time and commitment from our member reps Stewart Kleidon (Concordia); Fiona Parenta (Navigator College – Pt Lincoln); Carolyn McLaughlin (Unity College – Murray Bridge) and Sheryl Hoffman (Concordia) who have continued to provide valuable insight from their “on the ground” perspective.

Pembroke Schools Enterprise Bargaining 2023

Enterprise Bargaining for Pembroke School is in full swing. The key priorities for members are salary, consultation, workload, and provisions to protect conditions and rights. (EG inclusion of any Industrial matter in dispute clause).

Teaching staff have specifically raised concerns in relation to face to face teaching and non- instruction time and the operation of the co curricula activities. Non-teaching staff have raised specific concerns about classification.

Members have rejected the employer’s first salary offer as they believe that based on their increased productivity, and the current economic indicators, that the offer is inadequate. At this week’s EA meeting the employer increased their offer to 4.5%, 3.75% and 3.25%

Items that have been agreed in principle so far include:

  • a consultation clause and committee;
  • A dispute can be raised about any Industrial matter;
  • Prenatal and Fertility Treatment Special Leave; Foster Carers leave;
  • Work Health Safety provisions, including positive duty around psychosocial Fatigue Guidelines;
  • an enhanced definition of face to face teaching time, and non-instruction time to include tutorials (pastoral care/home room);
  • defined limits on co-curricular activities;
  • changes to the Family and Domestic Violence Leave Clause.

Items that are yet to be agreed include: salary (the revised salary offer needs to be put to members); a new criterion based classification step for professional services staff.

IEU representatives Daryl McCann, Christabel Tinsley, and Glen Whiffen should be recognised for their work in representing members at the bargaining meetings and keeping people informed.