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Anna Stewart Memorial Program

In 2018 The Anna Stewart Memorial Program will run from the May 28th – June 1st (week 1) and August 27th – August 31st (week 2). The structured two week long internship program consists of two days each week at SA Unions with the remaining days spent at IEUSA.

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project is designed to encourage more women to be present and active in unions. The Project has highlighted the way forward for women who are motivated to support other women and continue to nurture voice, opportunity and change

The IEU supports women members participating in the Anna Stewart Memorial Project each year by reimbursing schools for cost replacement for successful applicants.

To participate please fill out the application form and return it to us by email including a short introduction and indication as to why you are interested in this program.

Applications close Friday the 20th of April.

For more information about Anna Stewart and The Anna Stewart Project visit the website or contact us.