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SIEU2232 Student Wellbeing – supporting LGBTIQA+ students in your school

Teachers and educators play an important role in modelling the acceptance of the diversity of students in contemporary classrooms. This course is designed to support teachers and educators to expand their own knowledge about sexual and gender diversity. This will be a general information session that covers the language of sexual and gender diversity, including the LGBTIQA+ acronym, as well as the experiences of LGBTIQA+ students and how LGBTIQA+ people are portrayed in the media. There will be a focus on what teachers and educators can do to support LGBTIQA+ students in schools and how teachers and educators can promote a culture of acceptance. The session will be delivered by staff from Safe Schools Victoria.

AITSL Standards:
1.1.2 Physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of learners
4.1.2 Support participation of learners