The IEU(SA) has a number of partnerships with organisations that assist us in providing benefits to our members:

NGS Super is a leading superannuation fund for educations professionals, but we are open to everyone. We work with more than 13,000 employers and manage over $14 billion in super savings for 115,000 members.

We offer our members low fees, sound performance, award winning insurance cover, personal education and advice services.

For more information visit or call 1300 133 177.

NGS Super

We’ve worked with Union Shopper to ensure that you have access to the biggest savings on so many of Australia’s best brands across a wide range of services and shopping. It really does pay to be a member of the IEU.

Don’t just take our word for it, read this testimonial from an IEU(SA) member:

“I’ve finally started using Union Shopper. The 4-5% discount for groceries at Woolworths & fuel at Caltex (plus dozens of other outlets ie Rebel, JB etc etc) alone covers the cost of union fees (after the tax deduction)……… being with the IEUSA is effectively a free membership”

Union Shopper

Teachers Health Insurance was started for the education sector by a group of teachers in the 1950s. This not for profit organisation provides a range of health cover and discounts on health related products and services for union members at very competitive rates.

Teachers Health