Student Associate Membership Information & Application Form

Student Associate Membership & Application Form

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Why would you need to be a member of an education union?

The IEU supports its members through advocacy, advice and guidance. Student Associate Membership is for students undertaking pre-service tertiary education courses ahead of gaining employment as a registered teacher.

The IEU is the logical choice for support. Our organisers are, or were, registered teachers.

  • We have been through what you are about to go through.
  • Your school doesn’t need to know you are a union member unless you want to tell them.
  • We are independent from schools.

Throughout your tertiary journey you will be supported by your university for your studies, but who will support you with actual hands-on industry knowledge and guide your decisions for choosing a school?

You need to think about where you want to work before you leave university.

We understand the working conditions and staff environments of the non-government schools you may want to teach at and we can assist you in many ways to make your transition from student to teacher an enjoyable and logical pathway.

Being supported is vital to your teaching career

Without the right support, many graduates leave teaching within 5 years and work in other industries.

We want you to enjoy a successful career as a teacher and we will support you all the way.

How will we support you?

Typical questions we answer for Student Associate Members are:

  • How will you know which schools are good to work for and care for their teachers?
  • Who will help you to match your CV and application to the school’s values and needs?
  • How will you know if a contract is fair?
    What will you do if it’s not?
  • Who can you ring for confidential support in your job?
  • How can you afford to pay for these services?

As a Student Associate Member, IEU (SA) will support you through your pre-service years with benefits normally available only to financial members.

  • Assistance with CV and application writing
  • Professional Development
  • Networking for future placement opportunities including school tours.
  • Advice about pay and conditions, your first contract, your rights and entitlements*.

Membership Fee Information

Benefits of membership:

  • Shopping discounts/deals via Union Shopper
    • Holidays, accommodation, national retail and grocery chains, fuel, bottle shops, hair, beauty – and so much more.
    • Here are some popular names you might already know:
  • Free online professional learning courses


Student Associate Members are covered for the duration of their course.

There is a graduated fee pathway from Student Associate Membership to full IEU(SA) financial membership upon completion of your course.

For your first year of teaching a discount of approximately 50% will be applied to your union fees.

If you are employed as a teacher you are not eligible for Student Associate Membership and the appropriate membership category applies.
*Associate membership will not cover you for industrial matters.