IEU(SA) Membership Fees

What are the membership fees to join the IEU(SA)?

Membership fees vary depending on your gross earnings. The fee generally amounts to less than 1% of your salary except for some category B members. Fees are also tax deductable.

Membership Fee Schedule

CategoryGross Annual SalaryMonthly
Bless than $20,000pa$14.60
C$20,001 - $25,000pa$18.35
D$25,001 - $30,000pa$22.10
E$30,001 - $35,000pa$25.85
F$35,001 - $40,000pa$29.60
G$40,001 - $45,000pa$33.35
H$45,001 - $50,000pa$37.10
I$50,001 - $55,000pa$40.85
J$55,001 - $60,000pa$44.60
K$60,001 - $65,000pa$48.35
L$65,001 - $70,000pa$52.10
M$70,001 - $75,000pa$55.85
N$75,001 - $80,000pa$59.60
O$80,001 - $85,000pa$63.35
P$85,001 - $90,000pa$67.10
Q$90,001 - $95,000pa$70.85
R$95,001 -$100,000pa$74.60
S$100,001 - $110,000pa $82.90
T$110,001 and above, pa$89.60
LWOP / Not employed in sector / Parental Leave$10.00

We offer reduced price membership to teaching graduates for their first year after graduation

Student Associate Membership

Student Associate Membership (SAM) is FREE for students undertaking pre-service tertiary education courses ahead of gaining employment as a registered teacher and ceases upon graduation or employment or cancellation.

The IEU(SA) Student Associate membership entitles you access to current member benefit such as Union Shopper Discounts and TLN’s professional learning courses. Membership will also allow you access to advice on school agreements and conditions and help with CV and application writing. SAM does not entitle you to industrial or legal support, nor to participate in the running of the union as a financial member under the rules.

There is a graduate fee pathway from SAM to full IEU(SA) financial membership upon completion of your course. For your first year of teaching a discount of approximately 50% will be applied to your union fees.

If you are employed as a teacher you are not eligible for SAM and the appropriate membership category should be arranged instead.