Rights & Entitlements

What are my rights and entitlements as a member of the IEU(SA)?

You can get assistance on issues arising after becoming a financial member (your monthly payment or yearly account has been successfully processed).

The IEU advocates on the behalf of all members by ensuring the non-government education sector is well represented at all levels. Resources are dedicated to representation on boards such as the TRB, as well as accessing the relevant education authorities and politicians to ensure that non-government education is well funded and supported throughout Australia.

You should become a member of IEU(SA) before any issues arise for the same reason you take out car insurance before you have an accident or health insurance before you get sick. Like these types of insurers, we will not provide assistance on any issues that predate your membership. That would not be fair to the other paying members.

  • The IEU will not provide advice to, or advocate on behalf of non-members.
  • No advocacy will be provided for members on matters which predate their financial membership.
  • A member may be given limited advice on a pre-existing issue after having been a financial member for at least 3 months. The level of support provided is determined on a case-by-case basis and is at the discretion of the Secretary.
  • You can find out more details in our Member Support policy.