IEU Member Benefits with Union Shopper: member-only shopping discounts

We’ve worked with Union Shopper to ensure that you have access to the biggest savings on so many of Australia’s best brands across a wide range of services and shopping. It really does pay to be a member of the IEU.

Don’t just take our word for it, read this testimonial from an IEU(SA) member:

“I’ve finally started using Union Shopper. The 4-5% discount for groceries at Woolworths & fuel at Caltex (plus dozens of other outlets ie Rebel, JB etc etc) alone covers the cost of union fees (after the tax deduction)……… being with the IEUSA is effectively a free membership”

Members need proof of identity from IEU(SA) to sign up with Union Shopper – contact our office if you don’t know your member details

Get the most out of your membership and start saving today and start saving on fantastic offers such as:

Plus many more offers* when you sign up for Union Shopper.

*Offers correct at time of publishing but may vary without prior notice. Check the details of the offer at the time of purchase.