Union Structure

IEU is a Union of members formed for mutual support and representation both industrially and professionally.

The affairs of the state registered union IEU(SA) are managed by an elected Executive of twelve members.

Members exercise control of the organisation through the election process, the annual general meeting and other special meetings as required.

The governance of the state branch of the IEUA is through a common executive with IEU(SA) and a corresponding federal council.

The members of the Executive Committee are elected by IEU(SA) members in a ballot conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission. Elections take place every three years.

Branch SecretaryTim Oosterbaan
Deputy SecretaryWendy Evans
PresidentBritta Jureckson
Vice PresidentAnthony Haskell
Jenny Johnson
TreasurerMichael Francis
Ordinary MembersSue Bailey
John Coop
Noel Karcher
Ally Cunningham
Sheryl Hoffmann
Kathleen Johnson
Emily Button

Each school or organisation with IEU(SA) members elects a Representative for their Sub-branch.

The elected Representatives distribute information from the Union to members in the most appropriate way. Reps assist with the recruitment of new members and organise meetings of the Sub-branch from time to time. Reps are also expected to undertake low level advocacy or negotiation within their experience, training and confidence level. IEU(SA) provides training for new Reps and workshops and industrial update sessions for experienced Reps.

For more information, visit our Reps web page – click here

The establishment of the IEU(SA) Council was approved at the 1998 annual general meeting and its first meeting was held in November of that year.

Council has the power to determine IEU(SA) Inc policy and to refer matters to the AGM, a special meeting, to Executive or a standing committee. The quorum for council is delegate representation from at least 15 Sub-branches.

The Reps are also delegates to the IEU(SA) Council. Country schools are able to arrange for a city school to carry their proxy if they find attendance difficult.

Each Sub-branch is entitled to one delegate vote for every 20 (or part thereof) members. The Sub-branch may choose one delegate to carry all of its votes or several delegates to share the votes. It is up to the Sub-branch to determine how it wishes to be represented. The Council meets once per year usually at the Annual Reps Conference.

IEU(SA) Branch is the South Australian Branch of the Independent Education Union of Australia.