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The link between unionisation and the OHS of your work environment

A recent study by Harvard University has found a link between decreasing unionisation rates and workplace fatalities and demonstrates that the “protective effect of unions on workplace safety at the micro level translates into large scale reductions in occupational fatalities”. The study by Michael Zoorob …

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Do you know what you illness and injury insurance coverage is?

We hope you never need it but if you do…. Recently we hosted an information session at the IEU (SA) office with representatives from NGS and TAL, Australia’s leading life insurance specialist. TAL in partnership with NGS are specialists administering life insurance, income protection insurance …

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Deeds and Mis-Deeds. Should I sign or not?

When settling industrial matters without a formal arbitrated outcome, the parties will often agree on some terms and conditions to settle the matter. Those terms and conditions are usually reduced to writing in a legally binding “Deed of Settlement” which, when drafted by the employer’s …

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IEU helps strengthen Rural Farmer Organisations in Timor Leste

The IEUA is a proud ongoing sponsor of this Apheda program in Timor Leste. This project continues to increase the capacity of rural Timorese women and men to establish and actively participate in rural farming networks at the community and district level.  In addition, the …