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Time and time again we receive phone calls from education staff wanting to join the IEU urgently because they suddenly encounter an issue at their school.

Just as an insurance company won’t backdate a policy for you if your house burns down or if you have a car crash, we cannot assist non-members with issues that pre-date membership.

The most valuable benefit of IEU membership

We believe the most valuable benefit of membership is ‘peace of mind’. Knowing that you can call us and ask for support or advice in most matters enables you to focus on being the best educator you can be without worrying about issues that shouldn’t slow you down.

Think of us as your personal support team.

Why Join IEUSA?

Members not only gain access to industrial and legal support, but also get professional indemnity insurance; access to services from Teachers Health Fund; ME Bank and shopping discounts through Union Shopper. Members also have free access to the TLN Professional Learning Program and Curriculum Organiser Online. IEU(SA) also keeps members up-to-date through our regular eNewsletter 'In Brief'.

Join the IEUSA today!

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