Membership Benefits

At the IEU, we understand that by doing your job, you may encounter situations with students, colleagues or management that risk your livelihood—particularly if you stand up against injustice to your students, your colleagues or yourself. That includes fighting for better conditions and fair workload.

Importantly, we also understand your employer should treat you with respect, professionalism and fairness.

Many of us in the IEU office (and Executive) are, or were, teachers or education support officers. We are people like you.
This makes the IEU your ideal support team, enabling you to focus on your job.

Union membership is affordable.

We understand cost of living pressures have pushed household expenditure to the edge, but what you would do if you lose your job through disciplinary action or accusation?

Union fees are usually tax deductible and our own members tell us how they use Union Shopper discounts to offset their membership fees effectively making their union membership FREE.

Joining your colleagues at school as an IEU member increases your collective voice for negotiating with your employer.

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