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Ask a non-member to join the IEU. It will increase the collective voice at your work place.

Clare O’Brien of Australian Unions says: “While day-to-day working life may differ vastly between union members across the globe, the bottom line is universal. Workers everywhere share the same fundamental concerns: job security, just conditions, a fair wage and social protection.”

Non-union members enjoy all of the benefits union members fight for and win in their work place.  When issues arise, non-members often turn to the IEU expecting that they can join on the spot and receive the assistance they want.

“Ummm hello, I’d like to join the IEU – I have an issue…”

These non-members often tell us that they “always knew about the IEU but didn’t feel like they needed to join” – and they even tell us “they had always intended to join but didn’t get around to it”.

It doesn’t matter why they didn’t join, we simply cannot help a non-member and we definitely cannot assist a non-member with an existing issue pre-dating membership. However, the non-member can still join the IEU and receive assistance with future issues.

So how do ‘we’, the union (you are the union), tackle this?

Make an opportunity to talk to non-members and explain how more voices at your work place give you a collective voice, ie. stronger representation at bargaining and to support each other.

Explain the tangible benefits of membership:
☑️ Disciplinary meeting support or representation
☑️ Industrial relations support
☑️ Legal support
☑️ Professional Indemnity Insurance (Teachers)
☑️ Enterprise Agreement terms, conditions, knowledge and advice
☑️ Pay and conditions, reclassification advice
☑️ Advice for leave – including parental, annual and long service
☑️ Advice with contracts and employment opportunities
☑️ Free Personal Development opportunities
☑️ Discounts and shopping offers at major brands and retailers via UnionShopper

As one of our member’s said re the value of membership:
“I’ve finally started using Union Shopper. The 4-5% discount for groceries at Woolworths & fuel at Caltex (plus dozens of other outlets ie Rebel, JB etc etc) alone covers the cost of union fees (after the tax deduction)……… being with the IEUSA is effectively a free membership”

Send a non-member the link to our online membership information after you have had a conversation with them.

Having a strong collective voice of IEU members at your work place gives you more voices to negotiate your work place Enterprise Agreement.

Why not organise a non-member group and ask your school Organiser to attend.

A great way to assist in getting new members is to organise a coffee or drink away from your work place and ask your school Organiser to attend – we will buy the first round of coffee or a drink for you all!

Having an informative casual membership chat with your Organiser will help non-members understand what the IEU offers and why it pays to be a member.

IEU Social Media Campaigns aimed at non-members

The IEU runs social media campaigns regularly with a range of visual and textual messages for non-members, to assist in their undestanding of why IEU membership is important.

Here are some examples:

IEU promotional displays at your workplace

Your school Organiser has a range of materials to promote IEU membership and they will update your workplace noticeboard when in attendance. If you require any brochures or posters, please contact our office and your Organiser will arrange this for you – 8410 0122 or

Together we are stronger. Ask a co-worker to join today.