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Catholic EA 2022 – Survey

The wait for the replacement for the 2017 EA which nominally expired in July 2020 must, for some, seemed like waiting for Godot, but at least it did eventually arrive.

Thousands of hours of negotiation and detailed redrafting of the whole document came to fruition with a vote where only one employee in five cast a vote.

This level of disengagement is unprecedented for us. To find out why, a quick member survey was conducted by the IEU.

The biggest concern for people was that the voting was done online using Preceda payroll numbers which people did not routinely use. There were also comments about being too busy to give the extensive documentation the attention it required.

There were some irregularities in giving people the full seven day access period, a third of respondents reported that the principal didn’t explain the agreement to staff and a third did not find the new online voting easy to navigate.

Thanks to the members who so promptly replied to the survey. The majority of schools were represented in responses and assisted our understanding.

I cannot see how the Commission will not be questioning why it should approve an agreement not supported by 82% of employees.

Glen Seidel