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Collectivism despite the most trying of situations

After years of upheaval and uncertainty, and much media coverage, the Islamic College of South Australia (ICOSA) went into receivership and liquidation in June. It is testament to member’s collective resolve that they maintained focus on educating the students while exercising their workplace rights.

It has been a trying time for staff going three weeks without receiving payment despite showing up for work and performing their roles. A letter to the board, which then only consisted of two people, signed by IEU members brought the process to a head. The IEU part funded supreme court action to progress the move to liquidation in a timely manner, so that a new employer could be found for staff. This would not have been possible without the high density of members and their willingness to stand together to get the best outcome possible.

The process of reviewing member’s outstanding entitlements has uncovered a litany of issues including significant underpayment of wages. Unfortunately, because this information has come to light after the closure of the school it is extraordinarily difficult to pursue with any likelihood of recovering.

The lesson for all of us in this situation is that there is power in numbers and that it is essential to contact us about any concern you may have as soon as possible as letting it wait can make it very difficult for us to address.