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Early Career Teachers Conference – SASTA

The South Australian Science Teachers Association 2021 Early Career Teachers Conference will be held Monday 27 September 2021 at Nazareth Catholic College, Flinders Park.

Theme: Setting up for Success

“The new teacher assumes full pedagogical and legal responsibility as soon as they enter the school. No other profession has such high expectations of its newest members.” (Tynjala & Heikkinen, 2014)

This is an important opportunity for early career and pre-service teachers to be involved in interactive learning activities that deepen your understanding of the science content and gives you the skills and resources to engage your students in learning.

The Program includes specialised workshops for both Primary and Secondary Teachers and is a hands-on, interactive professional learning day that will cater specifically for each level of schooling.

The IEU will also be attending to discuss the benefits of being an IEU member.

Registration is now open – click here to read more and register.