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EB 2024, A Call for Change: Empowering Catholic School Educators

Breaking the Status Quo

For far too long, you, as Catholic Teachers and Education Support Officers (ESOs), have been treated as ‘second-class citizens’ compared to your counterparts in government schools.

However, this year presents a unique opportunity for transformation.

You and your colleagues have a chance to make the changes you need to improve the learning and working conditions in your school and preschool.

A Legacy of Advocacy

Catholic schools were once pioneers, leading the way by being the first in the state to regulate class sizes. They also secured victories related to student contact time, maximum relief lessons, and clear definitions of non-classroom work elements. These achievements date back to 2004. Unfortunately, progress has stalled on several critical fronts.

But you and your colleagues have the opportunity as part of Enterprise Bargaining (EB) 2024 to make that change.

20 years: Too long

Twenty years have passed since those landmark victories. During this time, many of you have witnessed representatives from the Independent Education Union South Australia (IEU(SA), (IEU) visiting your schools. You’ve participated in Sub-Branch meetings and surveys, and sharing your priorities for bargaining. Your dedicated Representatives (Reps) have worked tirelessly, but you need to undertake collective action to achieve the improvements you deserve.

Voices of Frustration

The message is clear. You are saying:

  1. Unbearable Workloads: the demands placed upon you are overwhelming.
  2. Paperwork Pileup: excessive administrative tasks hinder your ability to focus on essential duties.
  3. Neglected Breaks and Training: you deserve adequate breaks and professional development.
  4. Growing Class Complexity: managing diverse student needs is increasingly challenging.
  5. Lack of Consultation: your voice isn’t always heard in decision-making.
  6. Stagnant Pay: compensation hasn’t kept pace with rising expectations.
  7. Leadership Burden:  excess workloads of leaders are unsustainable.
  8. Beginning Teachers: new educators work long hours to establish themselves.
  9. Family Conflict: balancing work and family responsibilities becomes challenging due to excessive hours.

Collective Power

Change begins with you and your colleagues.

In 2004, conversations were had with those who are not yet members. People joined and became active because they wanted change. The employer saw that you and your colleagues could affect the bargaining and they conceded.

You and your colleagues have the power to make it happen again in 2024.

If you want to improve the working and learning conditions in Catholic schools, then you and your colleagues need to get involved in EB 2024.

What Lies Ahead

Stay informed and engaged:

  • Sub-Branch Meetings: Weeks 5 and 6 will host discussions to refine our claim. If you haven’t heard about a meeting, reach out to your Sub-Branch Rep.
  • Virtual Town Hall Gatherings: Join these online Zoom Sessions to discuss our goals. ESOs will have a dedicated forum to share their perspectives.

Be Active

If your school lacks an IEU(SA) Rep, or if your current Rep needs support, step up.

Your union thrives when more members actively participate. Call us or send an email to learn how you can contribute – 8410 0122 or

Together, you and your colleagues can reshape the future of Catholic education.

Tim Oosterbaan
Branch Secretary