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Employer responses fail to address concerns

Members have been waiting anxiously for the employer response to our 2 fundamental questions

  • What evidence-based data would support the proposal that unvaccinated staff present an unacceptable elevated risk to others?
  • Should a mandate be maintained, will it make an appreciable difference when so many students are not vaccinated?

In a 5 April letter the IEU put to CESA those 2 fundamental questions which would determine the IEU’s position on maintaining of vaccination mandates via policy.

The CESA 7 April reply to our 5 April letter is underwhelming to say the least.

Our questions remained unanswered with extraneous points missing the mark.

See the IEU 8 April response to that letter.

No logical, evidence-based argument has been presented in favour of maintaining the vaccination mandate.

At the simplest, when taking the emotion and collateral issues out of the mix, there is no mainstream science-based justification for a vaccination mandate policy in SA schools.

Read the detailed IEU critique of the employer position here.

The endpoint being that the IEU cannot recommend the approval of any school policy which maintains a vaccination mandate.

Comments welcome.

Glen Seidel

[Click here to download the 5 April letter in PDF format]

[Click here to download the 7 April response from Director in PDF format]

[Click here to download the 8 April IEU response to Director in PDF format]