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Enterprise Bargaining around the sectors

Your IEU Organisers and Industrial Team continue to be busy with negotiating new Enterprise Agreements (EAs). We urge IEU members to take the time to read this article as it demonstrates how you and your colleagues can use collective action to negotiate for better outcomes at your school.

Catholic EA negotiations

We have been notified that Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) will apply to be able to bargain as one entity (this is quite usual and has occurred with previous negotiations).

Organisers are busy visiting work sites and helping to run Sub-Branch meetings. Each work site should have now run at least two Sub-Branch meetings this year. The latest one to discuss the survey results and determine if anything has been missed. The IEU bargaining team has been formed and has met and are developing a Log of Claims to be put out for member endorsement.

Lutheran EA Approved

The successfully voted up Lutheran EA has been approved by the Fair Work Commission.

With only two terms left of 2024, teachers should take particular note of the revised teacher workload clauses, particularly Clause 49.1 (1)  which states:

In 2024 schools will:

  1. Identify strategies that have been implemented to support teacher workload. This will be done with a view to sharing expertise and best practice so schools not yet implementing some strategies may consider their capacity and context for doing so
  2. Examine aspects of individual teacher workload agreements, with the view to identifying:
    • What is critical/non-negotiable for all teachers, and
    • What efficiencies can be gained to better support teacher workload (e.g. fewer staff meetings, yard duty approach etc.)

workload is managed and/or mitigated within each teacher workload agreement” in 2025 in the key areas of

  • Communication
  • Curriculum planning
  • Marking, feedback and assessment
  • Data management and collection
  • Student behaviour

This will be done via Consultative Committees each term.

If employers cannot demonstrate a commitment to better managing workload and improving work life balance for teachers Employers understand at next EA negotiations the claim will be simple and clear – a reduction in maximum hours related to Student Contact Time and or an increase in Minimum Non-Contact time and a reduction in the existing Co-curricular maxima.    

Westminster School

After 12 months of EA negotiations and still no guarantee of improvements to the School Assistant Classification Structure or their salaries, that mean in real terms, staff continue to be underpaid relative to peers both within the school and wider industry members instructed the IEU to make an application to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for assistance to deal with a bargaining dispute. Following the FWC Conference on Friday 21 June, the bargaining parties have four (4) days to propose the changes they believe are necessary to the current School Assistant Classification Structure (SACS) for it to be acceptable to them and those they represent. We have immediately commenced that process in consultation with members and further outcomes will be advised to Westminster members after meeting with the Commissioner on Monday 1 July.

Temple Christian College

Temple have had three EB meetings so far. The IEU has put forward a log of claims and a confidential, without prejudice list of proposals to accompany our log of claims. The next meeting will kick off the in-depth negotiations as all parties have now presented their log of claims. Disappointingly, the College did not issue the NERR in the correct format. Furthermore, IEU has expressed concern regarding the influence of the employer over the negotiations through the role of the two Campus Principals both acting as independent staff representatives in bargaining. Clearly, it is not unreasonable to suspect a level of undue influence.

The Hills Christian Community School

The Hills Christian Community School have commenced EA negotiations. Only one meeting has taken place, although IEU have already provided our Log of Claims.

Portside Christian College

EA negotiations have begun with the first EA meeting being about negotiation protocols. The IEU has worked with speed to develop a Log of Claims and build the Sub-Branch to have the capacity to work towards a successful negotiation. The members grew the Sub-Branch with over 320% growth achieved in 3 working weeks. Main objectives of the Sub-Branch is to address the relative salary decline Portside staff have experience in the last 3 years and to reclaim work life balance.

Torrens Valley Christian School

Very early stages. Members are starting to put their claims together. Initial conversations with members’ issues tend to be similar to the Sub-Branch issues at Portside Christian College.

Suneden Specialist School

Members Log of Claim has been presented and responded to by the employer. They have agreed to a ‘Right to Disconnect’ clause and a ‘Delegates’ rights’ clause. There is also agreement to increase the Paid Family and Domestic Violence leave to 15 days, to pay super on Paid Parental Leave (currently at 16 weeks) and to pay casual teachers up to a level 5 where they have at least 2 full years of experience. Response to salary is coming in the next week.

Dara School

The IEU bargaining team have presented their Log of claims. The employer has agreed to pro-rata Long Service Leave after 7 years, an increase to Paid Parental Leave to 16 weeks, and they have agreed to a ‘Right to Disconnect clause’ and Union representation on the Consultative Committee. The employer wants to look at the cost of Special Events Leave before committing, and we will work through a salary offer. Outstanding matters such as definitions around teacher workload and Support Staff classifications will be addressed in coming meetings.

Trinity College

At the last EA meeting, Trinity College leadership said they would go back and draft wording around the sections of the Local Workplace Covenant that they would look to include in the new EA. Last week they replied with those changes, which have been included along with several other proposed changes to the EA. This document has now been sent out to all the staff at Trinity College for their review. We will consult with members before heading back to the table in either week 1 or 2 of Term 3. Trinity members please make yourself familiar with the documents provided and we will seek your opinions in the last weeks of this term.