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Farewell to Anne Edwards

After a decade working with IEU members, Anne has called it quits and handed in her Right of Entry Permit. Anne joined us on the 8th of the 8th 2008. In Chinese culture one 8 is auspicious, two is very lucky and three is good luck in spades!

We held a little farewell function to wish our comrade all the amount of luck that a bucket of 8s would predict. Whether it was enterprise agreement making, redundancy/change or performance/disciplinary matters or any other representational role, Anne will be remembered for the tenacity with which she went to battle to ensure that members got a fair process and good outcomes. Her most high profile matter would probably have been involvement with the St Peter’s Lunch case, and she was a part of our Catholic EA bargaining team, but she applied equal energy and dedication in representing individual members with relatively minor matters.

On behalf of a grateful membership, we wish you all the best for your post-IEU life.