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Feminism in the Pub – Event Summary

Friday 13 November defied superstition and it was a fantastic day at the pub!

The IEU(SA) Equity Committee had planned to have a ‘Feminism in the Pub’ session each term this year, but sadly, COVID-19 put a spanner in the works, so the first session this year was not until this term.

The overall concept of Feminism in the Pub is to meet for a casual get-together after work and have a conversation about a topical issue for women members of the IEU(SA).

The theme for the November Feminism in the Pub was the Anna Stewart Memorial Project (ASMP).

Two of our IEU members, Britta Jureckson (President) and Jenny Johnson (Catholic Bargaining team), had just finished this year’s COVID-19 modified program, so were keen to talk about their experiences.

We invited previous participants, including myself and IEU(SA) Organiser Vesna Jadresic, to talk about their experiences doing the program and how it influenced their union activism and career paths.

In addition, two young women apprentices from this year’s ASMP also joined us. It was so good to see young women courageous enough to forge career paths in male dominated industries.

Their pathways have a whole range of challenges that those of us in the education sector have never had to deal with.

All things going well in 2021, we will have a Feminism in the Pub sessions every term, each with a different theme.

Louise Firrell
Assistant Secretary, IEU(SA)
IEU(SA) Equity Committee member