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Help us get the children off Nauru

Scott Morrison has the power to immediately end the suffering of refugee children, their families and others seeking asylum who are stuck in limbo on Nauru.  He can immediately order their transfer to Australia and prevent the trauma they are experiencing every day.

As teachers, educational leaders, and support staff in schools, preschools and TAFE we must take a stand and demand that the Prime Minister takes action.

sign our letter to the pm here

The Australian Education Union and the Independent Education Union of Australia are working together to demand that the federal Liberal government immediately order all refugee children, their families and others seeking asylum be transferred from Nauru and brought to Australia.

Every day that refugee children remain on Nauru will cause further hurt and damage and prevent them from accessing education, medical care, and the safe future that all children deserve.

As educators we work every day to care for and support the learning and welfare of our students.  Keeping asylum seekers on Nauru is at odds with our values and we must act together to demand change.

Sign our letter to the PM here

Please sign and share the link with your colleagues. Thank you for your support!

Chris Watt                                                                                   
Federal Secretary
Independent Education Union of Australia

Glen Seidel
Branch Secretary
Independent Education Union South Australia