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IEUA National Council and Conference

After a three year COVID-induced break, the Federal Council and the Executive Committees of the State Branches were able to meet face-to-face at Glenelg, 25-27 August.

A thorough overview of IEUA activities over the past year was presented and discussed. Click here to access the report, it is well worth reading.

Following Chris Watt’s retirement, Christine Cooper has been elected as the National Secretary and Brad Hayes as the Assistant Secretary. Deb James remains as President and Anthony Odgers remains as the second Assistant Secretary.

Brad Hayes, Christine Cooper and Anthony Odgers

Christine Cooper put together a jam-packed and highly relevant conference. NGS Super sponsored the event and Mickey O’Brien gave a most entertaining welcome to country.

Mickey O’Brien

As much as Australian education is under the pump, delegates found the presentations of Govind Singh (on challenges for Pacific Education unions) and Jane Peckham (on UK teacher unionism) most confronting.

Govind Singh with Christine Cooper

Complementing the Pacific story was a presentation from Kate Lee on the invaluable work of the ACTU’s overseas aid armAPHEDA. The IEU is a strong supporter of APHEDA and all members are encouraged to join by way of regular donations.

Sally McManus, Secretary of the ACTU, gave us an update on the current struggle for fair workplaces.

Sally McManus

Recognition and support for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and the Uluru statement were the topics of Megan Davis and the Minister for Indigenous Australians, Linda Burney.

Minister for Indigenous Australians, Linda Burney centre with Christine Cooper and the IEUA conference delegates

ACTU Legal and Industrial Officer Sunil Kemppi discussed challenges and wins including the work value case to alter the Teachers Award.

Sunil Kemppi

The insidious propagation of false discourse was unpacked in a study on ‘Astroturfing’ by Keith Heggart, Naomi Barnes and Steven Kolber.

Keith Heggart, Naomi Barnes

All in all a very valuable event and opportunity for branches to take some leadership.

The mob photo (above) with Sally McManus sums it up nicely.

We are stronger together and we are certainly together on the issues facing us and we will not waste this historic window.