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IEU(SA) 40th Anniversary celebration

The history of IEU(SA) is very important and needs to be celebrated and acknowledge those people who have worked so hard over the years.

And so it was, a group of influential past and present IEU members gathered at The Brompton Hotel for an evening of reflection on the 40 years of events and people that have shaped your union.

Immediate Past Secretary and Life Member, Glen Seidel regaled people with analogies around unions and unionism: “The ongoing work of the IEU is like a perpetual relay race with the baton being periodically handed on to a fresh runner”. He reflected on the COVID response: “future issues may not hit as suddenly or insidiously but there will always be significant issues requiring the voice of the workers”.

Foundation and Life Member, Louise Firrell highlighted the work the IEU has done more recently to encourage women to play a more active role. This is particularly evident in those who came out of the BOLD Program who now sit on the IEU(SA) Executive.

Tim Oosterbaan, current IEU(SA) Branch Secretary, set out the present and future for the IEU. He highlighted the current staff of your union as being some of the most accomplished staff of any union. Tim also highlighted some more recent changes around strategic planning, marketing, development of our new database and pursuing pecuniary penalties of employers. He also highlighted our new approach of a ‘Ground Up’ Union – reinvigorating the message that the Union is its members and it is through collective action in the workplace that members get their positive outcomes. Tim said:

I see that in action when our Organisers talk to members about them being engaged and talking to others about union.
I see that in action when our Exec talk about what our strategy is for growth  and challenge us to do better.
I see that when members want to take action (on an issue).
I am really excited about our shared future.

Tim Oosterbaan addressing members and staff

In keeping with the reflection of key events and people in our 40 year history, the video of our formation years Footpath to Independence was screened:

A number of the 28 members who have been ATIS/ANGEE/IEU members for the entire 40 years were presented with a commemorative Founding Member Lapel Pin at the event. They were invited to jointly honour all Founding Members with the cutting of the 40 year commemorative cake (pictured in the header).

Presented lapel pin in card.

With formalities complete, canapes were served. Guests and staff shared conversation as Founding Members reflected on the events in the video. Time was spent viewing memorabilia and photos.

As the event was concluding, members were given the opportunity to record video messages about their memories of ATIS/ANGEE/IEU and how they were involved; and we are grateful for those that shared a message.

As part of our ongoing 40 year celebration, we have commissioned a ’20 Year Member’ commemorative lapel pin to recognise members for their 20 years of membership.