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IEU(SA) Annual Rep Awards 2022. And the winners are…

The IEU Rep’s role is vital to the IEU’s work protecting members’ rights and entitlements and, as such, the role comes with certain rights and responsibilities.

We congratulate the following Reps for their dedication to the Rep role and assisting members in their schools.

In particular, we congratulate these Reps for their commitment to drive a ‘No Vote’ at their schools; rejecting ‘low ball wage offers’ in new Enterprise Agreements. Members’ collective voices in schools are more powerful when you work together with the IEU to achieve better outcomes as proven by these Reps and members at Walford and St Peter’s Woodlands.


  • Tricia Hart, Lisa Burner and Emily Button from Walford Anglican School for Girls
  • Mark DeLaine, Heidi Kerr and Fleur Kennedy from St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School

Presentation of your awards will occur in the new school year and we will update members in a future Class Action edition.