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IEU(SA) Equity Committee hosts event for International Women’s Day

The Equity Committee hosted IEU women members on International Women’s Day on 8 March in the IEU(SA) Boardroom at Currie Street, Adelaide.

Whilst the event was a social one with drinks and nibbles, the focus of the conversation was initially the recently released Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s (WGEA) ‘Annual Scorecard’.

This report provided an analysis of the 2020-21 employer census as it related to the status of women in workforce. It should be noted that only organisations that employ over 100 employees need to report.

We could celebrate the many gains for women over the last century, however, the report highlighted many areas that still need addressing, such as the gender pay gap – which currently sits at around 22.8% – and the fact that are at least 2 in 5 employers who do not provide paid parenting leave.

Much more work to be done for equity!

The full WGEA Scorecard is available to download and read at the WGEA website: