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IEU(SA) march for IWD 2023

On March 8, IEU members and officers joined fellow unions and organisations advocating for women, to March through the city marking International Women’s Day.

The march is held annually to recognise that although we have achieved some great wins with regards to furthering equality for women, there is still much more to be achieved.

Crowds gathered at Tarntanyangga (Victoria Square) – the IEU was well represented.

We were welcomed to country by Rosalind Coleman a proud Kaurna and Naungga woman, and a Director of the Kaurna Yerta Aboriginal Corporation. Rosalind spoke of the importance storytelling in her culture and the importance in her community finding voice and being able to speak their truth. She challenged us to all play a part to call out inequality and that it is collectivism that creates change.

Members of the United Workers Union Donna Plummer and Tammy Thomas, proud Aboriginal women from central QLD, spoke about the importance of the upcoming referendum and achieving together a voice to parliament. Donna and Tammy use their voices to advise their union on First Nations’ matters and their work in regional health to speak about working Aboriginal women and the importance of unions as a driver of change.

Racheal Nai, United Workers Union delegate — South Sudanese woman and community advocate — spoke powerfully calling on the government to address the conflict and pain within the young male Sudanese community and of the hurt and distress this was causing women in her community.

To rally the crowd Abbey Kendal, Director of the Working Women’s Centre spoke passionately about what still needs to change when it comes to working women: such as addressing the many factors contributing to the gender pay gap; and, ensuring the changes to legislation around women’s safety at work are implemented.

The crowd marched loudly to Mukata (Hindmarsh Square) where we were addressed by a community advocate for Iranian women and the persecution they continue to face in their country.

The afternoon was rounded off by a humorous song from fringe act The Coconuts.

Meredith Farmer
Organiser. IEU(SA) Women and Equity Committees Coordinator