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IEU(SA) Rep of the year

The Union is not a building on Currie Street, nor is it the employees based there – it is the membership.

A vital link between ‘the office’ and the membership is the Worksite Rep. To recognise this we have initiated a Rep Of The Year award. We will formally recognise the award winner later but for the record the 2019 IEU(SA) Rep Of The Year award goes to Dr Simon Roberts-Thomson from St Peter’s College.

Simon Roberts-Thomson has worked in education for over a decade, first in the tertiary sector and more recently as a high school teacher at St Peter’s College, including as Theory of Knowledge Coordinator.  Simon has a PhD in Philosophy, specialising in ethics and political philosophy, and his career has included periods teaching overseas and interstate. He is an instructor in martial arts at Adelaide Tatsumi-ryu Kenkyukai and was an electoral candidate for The Greens at the 2014 and 2018 federal elections.

Simon has led our EA bargaining team at St Peter’s College for the last 18 months of protracted negotiations. He is methodical and detailed in his analysis and is respected by his peers and management. His role as Theory of Knowledge Coordinator and his martial arts background obviously equip him very well for the role of Union Rep. He takes the time to listen and communicate with the people he represents and speaks with authority and strength at the table and in public.

He is a very worthy recipient. Congratulations Simon.