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Kylie Sumner – NGS Scholarship Winner 2020

My vision for All Saints Catholic Primary School is to ensure that our staff and children are able to have an understanding of the local language and culture. It is therefore important that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is targeted in an authentic and specific way. I want staff to develop our knowledge about Kaurna language and culture which can then be passed on to current and future staff. While language will be a focus, I plan to incorporate curriculum elements relating to the arts and other curriculum areas to ensure that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cross-curriculum priority is meaningful and authentic to our Kaurna context.

To visualise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures within and around the school is another priority I have. My hope is to create an inviting place for families to come and feel included. As a part of this, there will be the creation of an indigenous garden and a number of artworks representing our four school saints, to be displayed around the school. Woven into these artworks will be different dreaming stories to help teach children the different values of these saints. All children will be provided with opportunities to learn about, care for and respect these special places around our school.

By utilising people with Kaurna heritage and connections, our staff and children will work with these people to build a language bank of Kaurna words and translate texts relevant and valuable to our school.

One priority we have is to translate our school vision statement into Kaurna and have it displayed as well as in English. I want to create a team that will work together towards creating programs that will engage our staff, our children and our families. By doing this, it ensures that the program is not reliant on just me and can be carried on if and when I leave this school.

Congratulations Kylie and thank you for sharing your story with IEU Members.

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