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Lutheran EA Negotiations Update

The Lutheran Enterprise Bargaining has reached a point where the LESNW has decided to go to a vote but not all items are resolved.

The IEU cannot endorse a yes for this Enterprise Agreement.

It is vital that Lutheran IEU members understand the issues with the current EB position. We have summarised our position in this flyer – click here to download.

IEU Organisers have been visiting as many Lutheran Schools as possible in the metropolitan area, placing printed copies of this summary position in staff pigeon holes, and a Zoom meeting for all Lutheran members will be conducted on Monday 26 October.

All members have been directly contacted with Zoom login information.

Please take the time to read the IEU Position Statement (click here) and share it with non-members

If you wish to discuss our position further or any other matter related to the Lutheran EA, feel free to get in contact with us via 8410 0122 and ask for Tim or Vesna.

Know someone who isn’t a member? There are many protections and benefits to membership which you can discuss openly, without pressure.
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