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Annual Membership Update

New fee category for 2020

IEU(SA) membership fees have remained unchanged for the last two years, but the time has come that we cannot absorb our cost increases for a third year and maintain the level of support and service that members rightly expect from their Union.

Union fees are set against a member’s gross annual salary and only increase as salaries increase (up to the limit of a top step teacher, beyond which the rate is flat). The majority of schools have joined the $100k club for teacher salaries – with the Catholic sector only lagging whilst waiting for the 2018 and 2019 Department for Education settlement.

A new category ‘S’ has been added effective of 1 February 2020, following the same fee formula as lower bands. The fee is set at $82.90 per month. Previously, salary bands for membership levels have moved in multiples of $5k, but now they will move in $10k bands past $100k.

With a progressive fee structure we protect and serve members on lower salaries, but we do rely on all members paying the correct fees. We are about people supporting people according to their need and their ability to pay.

Update your salary, contact and employment details

Please check your 2020 salary calculation and confirm your fee category here and update your details via this link. Please note:

  • Your 2019 tax return is not a reliable indicator for 2020 income – consider any leave, responsibility or contract  changes that may change your salary up or down.
  • Casual staff and staff on short-term placements will need to estimate their expected earnings.
  • As stated above, fee levels are progressive and can be adjusted upon notification as your employment changes using this link.

If we do not receive advice to the contrary we will be increasing all non-Catholic school members in the top 2 levels (Q and R) by one level for February’s payment – assuming the general salary movement.

Regardless of your salary movement you still need to update your personal details at this web page including mobile number, email, address and school before 31 January, 2020.

Membership is a support mechanism

Time and time again we receive phone calls from non-members urgently requesting assistance and we cannot help.

Continuing as a member of the IEU gives you ‘peace of mind’ – knowing that you can call us and ask for support or advice in most matters enables you to focus on being the best educator you can be without worrying about issues that shouldn’t slow you down.

I remind all members that membership provides you with other significant tangible benefits such as professional learning and discounts and these are outlined on our Membership Benefits web page here. They can save you both time and money, and, by utilising these services regularly you will maximise your membership value.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate contact us: or 08 8410 0122. If you know of anyone wishing to join the IEU, our joining page is located here.


Glen Seidel