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New Protections for School Reps

From 15 December 2023, there are important new protections for school Representatives (Reps) in their role.

IEU Reps now have the explicit and protected right to:

  • Represent the interests of members and persons eligible to be members.
  • Reasonable communication with members and eligible members about their industrial interests.
  • Access to the school and school facilities.
  • Paid time during normal working hours, for the purposes of related training.

A school must not refuse to deal with the school Rep or obstruct the exercise of the school Rep’s rights under the Fair Work Act or the Enterprise Agreement.

These changes empower our local Reps to take up important issues to their school and advocate for change, knowing that the law is on their side.

IEU Reps have protections when exercising those rights. The Fair Work Act prohibits a school from taking adverse action against another person because they have or exercise their IEU Rep’s rights. Examples of adverse action include dismissing an employee, treating them differently, cutting their shifts or hours, etc.

These changes acknowledge the fundamental importance of IEU Reps and their role in advocating and assisting members, and further protects them in standing up for local matters and their Sub-Branch members.

If you require more information or would like to become and IEU Rep at your Sub-Branch, please contact us at 8410 0122.

Rob Seals
Industrial Officer