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New working with children checks

From 1 July 2019, people working or volunteering with children in South Australia must, by law, have a valid child-related clearance.

People need a working with children check if they are in a ‘prescribed position’. This means people who:

  • are in paid or volunteering roles where it is reasonably foreseeable that they will work with children
  • run or manage a business where the employees or volunteers work with children
  • are employed to provide preschool, primary or secondary education to a child.

If you have a current, valid DHS/DCSI child-related employment screening, you can keep using it until it expires. After 1 July 2019, you can apply for a new working with children check (up to six months before your current screening expires).

If you have a National Police Certificate assessed by your organisation and use it to work or volunteer with children, you have until 1 July 2020 to get a new working with children check. If you are a sole trader, working in partnership, contractor, or self-employed, a National Police Certificate is not a valid check for working with children. You can either apply for a DHS child-related employment screening before 1 July 2019 or wait until 1 July 2019 to apply for a new working with children check.

If you have a professional registration and work with children, you must get a new working with children check before you renew your current professional registration, or as your current child-related employment screening expires, whichever comes first.

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