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Online learning - how to access the Teachers Learning Network

IEU(SA) Teacher members have free access to TLN Courses
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 Teachers Learning Network is the IEU’s preferred online learning partner.

IEU(SA) Graduate Professional Learning Program

TLN provides professional learning to meet the specific needs of graduate teachers. These courses help teachers to master the basics of the craft of teaching and to help get priorities sorted, when the workload seems overwhelming.

The PL courses support teachers in the first year of teaching through to the fourth of fifth year; which is when most teachers typically find their feet and begin to enrich their practice with a broader range of teaching practices, curriculum knowledge and detailed insights into meeting individual learning needs.

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How to login or activate your TLN Portal

You can log into the TLN Portal via the link below. If you don’t know your password, click ‘Forgot Password’ to reset it.

If you are new to TLN – you can read more about activating your portal here:

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