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Progressive Fee Structure – New Category ‘T’

The IEU, like many unions, does not charge a set dollar fee level, but in the interests of equity sets fees proportionately with income. Generally the fee will be less than 1% of gross salary and effectively much less after claiming the tax deduction.

The IEU does not therefore need to apply overall percentage increases to keep track of our inflationary expenses. As wages increase, members will move progressively from one $10k band to another.

After 3 years of keeping the top level at Category S ($100,001k and above), general wage movements mean it is time to set the top category as Category T ($110,001k and above) and this will come into effect from 1 February 2023.

The IEU has effectively been operating without any form of CPI increases for 3 years and cannot continue to do so if it is to provide the required level of service to members.

Many Independent school Top Step teacher salaries are now above $110k and PORs and HAT will have been there for some time.

When updating membership details it is important that members recognise that as much as their classification may not have changed, the salary attached to that classification will have changed over the last 3 years (or longer) and that will often result in a fees being due at a higher level.

We are probably talking about the cost of a tax deductable cup of coffee a month for a top step teacher.

We do rely on people paying the appropriate rates and will follow up where there has not been a recent detail update or where the school top teacher rates exceed $110,000k.