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PT5 or PT6 in Lutheran schools – what level should you be at?

Are you an experienced teacher working in Lutheran schools? Are you still at PT5 level when you could be at PT6 and do you know the difference?

We can help you through the process of moving from PT5 to PT6, both with assessing if you are eligible, and what you would need to demonstrate/submit.

There is currently a $3700 salary difference between PT5 and PT6.

A summary of how moving to PT6 works

If you have started at Lutheran schools from the Department as a level 9, or from other Independent schools with an AST classification, you should have been appointed as a PT6.

Many experienced teachers working in Lutheran schools are not aware that with a small amount of work they can meet the criteria for a PT6 (the top step of the Lutheran schools EA band).

The request to advance to PT6 needs to be in writing and needs to demonstrate:

  • That you have completed Accreditation as a teacher in Lutheran schools (for teachers who have been in Lutheran schools for at least 3 years), or that you are undertaking Accreditation (if you have been a teacher in Lutheran schools for less than 3 years).
  • That you have an agreed Professional Learning Plan (which is actually a requirement for all Teachers in Lutheran schools).

Once submitted you need to be notified within 10 school days if you have been successful. If you have not been successful the reasons need to be given in writing. You can then re-apply as soon as the deficiencies have been rectified.

If you believe you are eligible for PT6 get in contact with your IEU Organiser via our office – 8410 0122 or