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Results of 2022 IEU(SA) Executive Elections

Deputy Secretary Tim Oosterbaan has been elected as Secretary replacing Glen Seidel after 21 years in the role. Assistant Secretary Louise Firrell is also heading out into retirement after 2 decades at the IEU. Wendy Evans has been elected to the role of Deputy Secretary.

We have two changes in the Executive composition. The election for Vice President has resulted in Jenny Johnson (Dara School) being elected in place of Noel Karcher (CBC).

We farewell David Freeman from the Executive after a decade of service. Emily Button from Walford joins the Executive in 2023.

We thank both David and Noel for their years of service in their respective roles. David remains as an IEU nominee to the TRB(SA) and Noel remains as an elected Executive member.

It is pleasing to see so many of the women’s leadership program participants taking on leadership roles in their Union. The “BOLDies” are getting bolder!

IEU(SA) Executive 2023-2025

Secretary: Tim Oosterbaan

Deputy Secretary: Wendy Evans

President: Britta Jureckson

Vice Presidents

  • Anthony Haskell
  • Jenny Johnson

Treasurer: Michael Francis

Ordinary Members of Executive

  • Sue Bailey
  • Emily Button
  • John Coop
  • Ally Cunningham
  • Sheryl Hoffmann
  • Kathleen Johnson
  • Noel Karcher


The post-election report can be accessed in the members’ area of the IEU website, from the AEC or upon request.