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Say it to us – not your employer

Being called to an unexpected meeting or being told of an investigation into your conduct may be quite distressing, particularly if your employer fails to give you adequate information as to why they are pursuing this action against you.

The immediate feeling of distress and concern may prompt you to reply to your employer unprofessionally or make ill-considered admissions or concessions. That can be a career-damaging move.

No matter how disappointed and furious you may feel, and how much you want to express your anger and feelings, do not. Once shared, you may not be able to retract it. In fact, you may open yourself up to further allegations.

Be prepared sometime in your career to be called to meetings and investigations by being aware of your rights. It will reduce your stress with any future matters you may have to address.

3 vital steps to take when called to a meeting: Stop. Think. Call the IEU immediately.

  1. If your employer presents you with a letter or a verbal meeting overview, do not react to their information; do not make any comment (including denial, apologies or reaction). If they do not provide written information, politely refuse any meeting until they email or hand deliver a letter explaining why you are being called to a meeting.Do not respond to your employer or colleagues with any anger, profanity or accusation in any form of communication – eg TXT, email or verbally.Do not agree to any meeting time or day until you have spoken to the IEU. That is your right as a member.
  2. If you have an issue at school that you are aware of, ensure that you have notes and diary records of anything that has occurred so that this can be reviewed by the IEU. (Best practice is to always document potential future issues if and when they occur). Do not share any of this with your employer – only with the IEU. We can independently assess and advise you.If you do not suspect there is any issue at school, state that to the IEU. This will be discussed with you by the IEU before you attend any meeting.
  3. Call the IEU immediately.

‘Immediately’ is the keyword in this action – the sooner you contact the IEU, the sooner we can support and guide you with the correct course of action, the more likely we can prevent any damaging statements or actions by you – intentional or not.

The IEU can attend meetings with you as your representative. This means we can participate and advocate for you in the meeting. If you only choose a colleague as a support person they can only takes notes and hold tissues – not talk.

Download our ‘procedural fairness’ fact sheet in the members area of our website for your clear guidelines on what should happen re your rights and meeting.

Remember that HR is not your friend or career consultant… the IEU is.

Your IEU membership is a vital support tool in your career, make sure you contact us immediately when you have a question or concern about any part of your employment: 8410 0122 or