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Your union always stands by teachers and education support staff to ensure rights, equality, community and justice are upheld.

This political cartoon graphically shows the challenging of ‘different thinking’ by those who won’t accept change. Your union even receives criticism for standing strong on public issues – being told to shut up and just look after teachers. Well that is exactly what we are doing – because teachers and education staff are all part of the tapestry we live in and they are not isolated from the events around us.

COVID forced change upon us all and none more than the education community who quickly reacted and took the challenge on and prevailed with success. For that, we thank them.

The recent BLM protests and civil unrest have been challenged by the distancing controls during COVID but they have not faded away through ‘slacktivism’. They are being echoed prominently around the world on social media and mainstream media—all triggered by a very public and unnecessary black death in custody.

Many forget: “The whole purpose of protest is to interrupt your daily life, to interrupt the previously scheduled programming so you pay attention to something new. Social movements are almost always messy — and that’s part of what can make them effective, historians say. The neatly packaged narratives exist only in retrospect.”

We stand by ou­r motto: “Better Jobs, Better Schools, Better Society”. To achieve that, we stand by our teachers and education support staff and our communities – all of them. No prejudice.

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Image copyright – Simon Kneebone