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TRB Review IEU Submission

The SA government is conducting a review of the Teachers Registration Board composition and function under the heading of “Enhancing” the TRB.

The IEU has made a submission (190603 TRB IEU Review Submission) defending the current structure. In essence, the IEU believes that the current structure and operation of the Teachers Registration Board is appropriate and effective. Professional teachers as nominated by their respective unions must be a majority of the board that sets, monitors and enforces professional standards.

The TRB is funded by the profession, inclusive of the profession and we should allow the profession to judge the profession against the professional standards and understandings that these professionals bring to the task.

The public does deserve to have confidence in the safety and professionalism of the education system, but by the same token it is the professionals who are best placed to understand and regulate the profession.

After all, society has insisted they pay for it.