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Women’s Professional Learning Day – Event Summary

Our annual Professional Learning (PL) Day for women members was held on Thursday 12 November in the IEU Boardroom, having been postponed last term due to COVID and social distancing requirements. Ten women members attended.

Three very practical and interactive sessions provided the members with 6.5 hours of PL, for which they receive an official certificate as evidence of learning.

The sessions were:

• ‘Maintaining Good Mental Health and Preventing Psychological Injuries in the Workplace’, presented by Michelle Harlow
• ‘Mediation – What is it really and when is it appropriate to use it?’, presented by Rick Subotciewicz, and
• ‘Restorative Justice’, theory and practice, presented by Deb Black.

Aside from the training sessions, PL days also provide an opportunity for attendees to network with other members. Morning tea and a delicious lunch was provided for attendees at no cost.

The IEU free PL sessions are yet another value-added benefit of IEU Membership. The cost to attend independent PL courses typically range from $220 – $695 per person, per day.

If you have any suggestions for PL that you would like to undertake, please contact Louise Firrell, 8410 0122 or