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Your Union ‘behind the scenes’

Your union membership gives you many benefits. Some of them are clear: support and protection if you need it; ability to work collectively in the workplace; or, being able to get an answer to a work query.

Sometimes though, the good work that your Union staff do on your behalf may be less clear. The meetings and representations that we are involved with are vitally important to maintain our influence in education but also in the wider labour and industrial landscape.

By way of summary, your IEU staff have been engaged in the following activities over the past 2 months:

Representation on:

  • TRB Board and panels
  • SA Unions Executive

Consultation and meetings with:

  • TRB Code of Conduct
  • The Deputy Premier about the University Merger
  • Catholic Health Safety and Welfare
  • National Schools Reform Agreement with the Review panel
  • AITSL CEO and Chair around the National Teacher Workforce Action Plan
  • Federal Department of Education around National Teacher Workforce Action Plan Action 22 (Teacher Retention)
  • Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO)
  • ACARA CEO and Executive Director about NTWAP Action 19a – providing additional support to teachers around curriculum and the Curriculum Review cycle frequency.
  • Federal Department of Education consultation regarding AI in school and the draft of the Australian Framework for Generative Artificial Intelligence in Schools
  • Education International (EI – the peak body for Education Unions throughout the world) World Congress (online)

In the wider Union movement, you may have seen that Australian Unions have launched an inquiry into price gouging, chaired by Allan Fels AO. If you or someone you know has information about Price Gouging or Unfair Pricing Practices, you can make a submission. Community hearings will be held to examine the effects of Price Gouging or Unfair Pricing Practices, allowing people to share their firsthand experiences.