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A Bit of Feminism – What is Feminism in 2023?

Members gathered at Marcellina’s Restaurant on March 30 for a relaxed evening chat about ‘A bit of feminism’.

It was great to welcome some new faces to the discussion and also enjoy the company and input from our outgoing IEU Federal Secretary Christine Cooper.

Members shared their understanding and experience of feminism followed by a rigorous discussion of concepts of gender in the workplace, patriarchy and intersectionality.

It was good to be challenged by how we see feminism today compared to what it looked like in past decades and why feminism in action is still as relevant today.

Next ‘A bit of feminism’ event – Thursday 8 June 2023

Venue: Marcellina’s (family friendly)
Time: 4:30pm for a 4:45 start
RSVP: Monday 5 June

Topic:  Upcoming referendum for an Aboriginal VOICE to Parliament

Join us and our Guest Speaker Jakira Telfer – YES Campaign State Coordinator. Jakira will be joining us to explore –

    • Why an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander VOICE to Parliament is so important
    • What this has to do with the Constitution and a Referendum
    • Why unions are supporting a YES Vote
    • How educators and women can support this change

RSVP for 8 June ‘A bit of Feminism – click here