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Bargaining snapshot – what’s happening in schools?

EA Bargaining snapshot – what’s happening in schools?


There has been a busy flurry of EA’s being negotiated and approved.

Some negotiations have gone well with positive outcomes for members. Others are becoming protracted. We are seeing consistent positions of 3% being put by employers in AIS-covered schools. Given that Fair Work Commission (FWC) data is showing that average Enterprise Agreement (EA) percentages are running between 3.1% and 4.4%, we have moved past 3% as being a fair and reasonable offer.

On the upside…

St Peter’s College
After a long negotiation and a significant NO vote, members stood together and directed negotiations to the FWC for conciliation via a bargaining dispute and have an agreement which maintains conditions. There were some voting irregularities which required the St Peter’s to satisfy the Commission with written undertakings.
Salary Outcome: Teachers: 3% + $1000 cost of living payment (2023) + 3% (2024) + 3% (2025).
General Staff: 4% + 1000 cost of living payment (2023) + 3% (2024) + 3% (2025)

Harvest Christian College
Good increases in Paid Parental Leave provisions. The IEU is to be consulted about significant change, inclusion of HAT and Lead provisions.
Salary Outcome: Teachers: 4% (2023), 3% (2024) and 2.5% (2025). Support staff: Juniors will be reclassified to Grade 3 and 7% (2023), 3% (2024) and 2.5% (2025); Grades 4-8 receive 5.5% (2023), 3% (2024) and 2.5% (2025).

Neutral outcomes

Seymour College
Modest increases of 2% (2022), 3% (2023) and 2.5% (2024) for all staff. Some voting irregularities have been brought to the FWC’s attention.

Investigator College
Modest increases of 3% for all staff for the next 3 years.

University of Adelaide College
Salary Outcome for teachers (no ESOs): 3.6% in 2023, 3% in 2024 and 2.5% in 2025.

Woodcroft College
Modest increases of 3% for all staff for the next 3 years.

St Peters Woodlands College
After members voted NO last year, the school’s offer was increased to match members’ position of 3% for 3 years.

On the downside…

Walford Anglican School for Girls
Despite posting large surpluses every year since at least 2015, and having a multi-million dollar reserve, management are still insistent that they can only afford 3%, 2.5% and 2.5% for the next 3 years. The member position is for 3%, 3% and 3% — which is a modest claim in the current cost of living crisis. There has already been one NO vote at the current offer and now the school is pressing ahead with a second vote.

Members can increase their collective bargaining voice in their school by asking non-members to join the IEU –

Tim Oosterbaan
Branch Secretary