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Voice – Treaty – Truth: Unions for Yes

A defining moment in Australian history is upon us — an opportunity to accept the offer to walk with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as set out in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

In August last year, approximately 150 IEUA Committee of Management (COM) members came together at Glenelg (including the teachers and support staff elected by you – IEU members throughout Australia). 

They heard from the Hon Lynda Burney, Minister for Indigenous Australians, about the early stages of The Voice process.

The members also listened to Professor Megan Davis give detailed, firsthand information about the Uluru Statement, including her experience on the Referendum Council and her knowledge of Constitutional Law.

After further discussion, the IEUA COM passed a motion to support the referendum ‘YES’ vote.

Now, more than six months later, we are preparing to have the conversations about why this is such an important turning point in our history — an opportunity to fulfil the first part of the Uluru Statement, ie. have a First Nations Voice enshrined in The Australian Constitution.

In order to change The Australian Constitution, a referendum must be held and whilst much has been written about how referendums are hard to win, winning does happen when ordinary people like you have conversations that increase understanding of others with actual facts, not hearsay.

We have seen the South Australia Parliament take the lead in the Voice to Parliament process and it shows us what is possible nationally. Now is the time.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the text from The Statement from the Heart I would encourage you to do so: it is also available in multiple languages thanks to SBS:

We urge you to read trusted sources such as, and in order to avoid disinformation.

We invite all of you to be an active part of this process. Further details will be forthcoming, but you can register your interest by contacting us

We especially invite our Indigenous members to inform us and guide our processes. Some Indigenous members do not self-identify with us, which is their right, but be assured the IEU is a safe space.

Tim Oosterbaan, Branch Secretary