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IEUSA Executive Changes

The three-yearly elections for IEU(SA) Executive positions has produced some changes and some opportunities.

Secretary Glen Seidel continues in the role for another 3 years as do Vice Presidents Noel Karcher and Anthony Haskell.

Gerry Conley did not seek re-election after one term and Val Reinke has vacated the field after being our Treasurer since our inception in 1984. Michael Francis replaces Val as Treasurer.

Sue Bailey, John Coop, Sheryl Hoffmann and David Freeman continue on with 3 vacant positions to be called early next year.

Jenny Gilchrist leaves Executive and the Presidency after 2 decades involvement with Britta Jureckson assuming the role of President.


Val Reinke, Treasurer


Life Member




Jenny Gilchrist, President

Executive Member 2000– 2019

Vice President 2002– 2010

President 2011– 2019




Gerry Conley, Executive Member

Project and Training Officer 2007 – 2015

Executive Member 2017-2019



2020 IEU(SA) Key Executive Office Holders are:



Glen Seidel, Secretary




Britta Jureckson, President





Michael Francis, Treasurer




Anthony Haskell, Vice President




Noel Karcher, Vice President